About Us

Operations of HSA date back to 1949 with the the first iron mining facility investment in Turkey. As complexity of investments led by the founders of HSA increased and shareholer structure developed over time, HSA was formed in 2015 to facilitate transition to professional portfolio management by Özderici family

Instead of short-term and opportunist investments, HSA aims for long-term and stakeholder value enhancing investments. Although our industrial priorities may change over time, energy and mining continue to be core investment fields.

HSA prefers control and/or majority shareholder investments;
as such we do not only provide financial benefit to portfolio companies but also provide management, experience of over half a century.

HSA adopts a stakeholder-oriented investment philosophy.

We aim to create value for all stakeholders of our portfolio companies and avoid a strictly shareholder focused approach. Stakeholder focused approach strentghens performance of our portfolio companies and increases their support base.

HSA’s management and investment experience over half a century have allowed for emergence of companies that are considered gold standard in their respective industries. Özkoyuncu Mining is one of the largest mining companies in Turkey with uninterrupted operations for more than 70 years.

Buyaka, is one of the most attractive mix retail projects on the  Asian side of Istanbul, which became the benchmark for successful retail property investments in a short time period.
HSA indirectly owns and operates a total of 50 MW capacity Solar Power Generation Plants in Turkey. HSA continues to evaluate investment opportunities in a broad range of sectors utilising its experience in existing and completed investments.   

In addition to its commercial activities, HSA actively engages in non-profit social responsibility projects through Özderici Foundation. To date, Ozderici Foundation has completed numerous social responsibility projects including construction of schools, sites for special eduction needs, care homes, sports fields and places of worship in additon to annual bursaries for univesrtity students.